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Miradouro do Monte do Picoto

Miradouro do Monte do Picoto

Miradouro do Monte do Picoto

Braga is the country's third largest city. It has a rich history. In it, many historical figures have claimed their place. History has left traces. The Ice Age brought huge boulders and made room for rivers in the mountains that surround the city. Undiminished, living water passes through the city. Not in the form of mega rivers like the Douro or Tagus, but modest rivers. Above the city flows the Rio Cavádo and to the south flows the Rio Alvo. Through the centre flows another Rio Este. This shows how the city has been able to maintain its green appearance. Around the city you will discover mountain peaks, from where you have a beautiful view of the city and its surroundings.

The most important and highest peak is Sameiro. But there are more lookouts. They are indicated by brown-coloured signs, on which binoculars are placed. Pay attention, though, because you'll be past them before you know it. And those miradouros challenge you to walk or cycle up, where the reward in all cases will be great views.

Today, on a windy day, we visit the Miradouro do Monte do Picoto. The Miradouro do Monte do Picoto is a unique habitat for plants and insects. This miradouro is on the top 15 places to visit in Braga. Oh?

Several information boards on the mountain show plants and insects you might encounter: after all, nature doesn't let itself be forced. Unlike many other miradouros, the road to it is easy to drive. No winding winding road, which might make the passengers in the back of the car queasy, but a neatly laid tarmac road. Along the edge is space for bikes. If you want to go on foot, there is another path that lets you experience even more of nature. You walk out of the built-up area uphill and pass large granite stones. This footpath has no steps, it is inclined and offers several places to puff for a while and enjoy the vastness. There are picnic tables at several places. Shade from the trees helps to cool down. You are not walking alone: I have met other hikers every time. And the Portuguese greet you with Boa Tarde: indeed I walk there in the afternoon hours.

And then you're at the top. Of course there is a cross. A platform has been built, giving you a panoramic view of the city. First, of course, the view of Bom Jesús and Basilica de Nossa Senhora de Sameira is special. You can see both from a new perspective, where the grandeur and positioning are again impressive. The old football stadium is at the foot of Mount Picoto: on Sundays, the lookout and the path to it will be crowded. We see homes and businesses, have a good view of the city's main street and, like everyone else, our eyes search for landmarks. The sounds of insects are supported by the sounds of Braga's ring road.

Perhaps a wonderful outing for you: Rua do Miradouro Monte do Picoto, Braga.

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