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Who are Elly and Gerard anyway?

Who are Elly and Gerard anyway?

Elly Bos-Schoutsen [1957] and Gerard Bos [1958] have been a couple since 1980. Work and study made them roam all over the Netherlands and move many times. Both have an active social life with family, friends and lots of acquaintances. But, things have changed. Since 2018, they have been living and working in northern Portugal!

One evening in 2018, Elly and Gerard were sitting on the sofa watching yet another wildly interesting game show on television. They lived in a beautiful flat in Hoorn. Gerard was self-employed as a consultant. Elly had an ironing service. But this wasn't it. So Gerard asked his wife if hanging in front of the tube every night instead of doing fun things would be the future. So what are these fun things? From Elly's eighteen years' experience as a Bed NO Breakfast hostess in The Hague, both knew what it had to be. The helm had to change!

The idea didn't come out of thin air. The most recent holiday experiences in Portugal. atmosphere, people and house prices made them focus on that. After all, Portugal? Good food, fine wine, vast, multiple climates, beaches, culture, golf courses: oh, yes, speaking Portuguese was a thing.

Elly plunged into the World Wide Web and searched for houses. The North is green, wine, not extremely touristy. The focus was confirmed when they went to view Portuguese houses. In total, they saw as many as 50.

On 8 November 2018, after a wonderful "I'm leaving party", Elly and Gerard set off with Mina the cat. The moving van carrying 80 m3 of goods would arrive behind them: help was provided by a sister and a cousin. On arrival, the sun was shining. The goods were delivered by the removal company. They drank a glass to the good future. Things did not go well in that house, so the sale did not go through and Elly searched again and found! That's where they now have their Bed & Breakfast.

It took a major renovation to create five rooms en suite and a flat: a new staircase, a bathroom for ourselves, a new kitchen. Portuguese people are not lazy. They are not quick. In the spring of 2020, the swimming pool was built and, in the meantime, a lovely relaxation garden has been created for guests. They cook a Mesa de Casa [Portuguese Table d'hôte] with some regularity and fire up the barbecue.

Our guests come to enjoy nature either passively or very actively. Others come for the history and culture: there is much to see in the immediate surroundings. Enjoyers of wine [Vinho Verde] and food have fortunately also found their way to our Bed & Breakfast. It is also precisely these different elements that have been designated and included by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. In the moments of tranquillity, everyone enjoys the sounds of the countryside and the pool.

Its central location makes everything quickly accessible. You are also warmly welcome!

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