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Art walk on Solar de Bouças.

Art walk on Solar de Bouças.


No, not of solar panels, but of a completely different order. "Solar" roughly means "old country house", but also "sunny house". You can find Solars all over Portugal and many are visitable. Several have been transformed over the years into wine estates, party centres, conference centres, galleries, museums, shops, hotels or restaurants. Of course, the different functions are performed side by side.

In our Minho region, near Braga, there are several Solars. An important source of income are weddings and wine sales. Portuguese and their friends and family celebrate their weddings, from all over the world, in the big halls with sometimes hundreds of people: money has to roll in. It can't get crazy, read expensive, enough. Food, drinks, music.

Around the corner from our bed and breakfast, a 15-minute walk away, is the beautiful Solar das Bouças. Purchased some years ago in a seriously dilapidated state of housing and vineyard, but true miracles have been achieved during its restoration. The first mentions date back to the 17th century, and for a detailed description of the history, I would like to refer you to the Solar das Bouças website.

But the Solar is busy, as there is an ongoing exhibition by international artists. Inside and outside, you will be pleasantly surprised with paintings, ceramics and sculptures.

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