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Viana do Castelo: port on the Atlantic Ocean

Viana do Castelo: port on the Atlantic Ocean

Viana do Castello.

The Lima River is an important river in Portugal's history and many stories circulate about it. Of course, there is the beautiful historic municipality of Ponte de Lima. This town got the river name, but the water flows further.

The Lima flows to the Atlantic Ocean. Only very shallow vessels can be used to navigate the Lima, such as canoes or SUB-boards, and even then the Lima has several cascades. Cascades are current obstructions of large boulders. Not all canoes and boards can withstand these. Eventually, the Lima arrives in Viana do Castello. Here the river is at its widest - up to 300 metres. There are several islets in the estuary, where the smaller boats go. Indeed, the last few kilometres are good for sailing. And eventually you're in the harbour. The city became rich from cod fishing and was an important departure point for Portuguese explorers. And explorers look on all statues, including here, towards the horizon.

Along the river you can stroll beautifully, which lovers do in abundance on a beautiful sunny day. The accompanying park is vast. There is cycling. As you walk towards the Atlantic Ocean, you pass gyms, restaurants, and of course Maritime workshops. You can park there for free. You can easily spend several hours in the port area without getting bored.

The historic centre of this port city has several interesting places to visit. The historic centre is surrounded by a cosy shopping area in which smaller shops still predominate. There is good shopping. Viana do Costello invites you to wander. Naturally, several squares with historical buildings. The most important square in any city, is of course Republic Square, or Praca de Republica. Here with the museum Do Trajo, regional costumes, the former city hall and other interesting buildings. The chocolate museum, the museum, several churches, including the Sé Cathedral, are worth visiting. But also the Basílica de Santa Luzia, which overlooks the city and is already visible from many vistas. Enjoy the light in the square. There is hardly any catering here, but further on in the city there is plenty. Enjoy the narrow older streets. It is a delightful city. You can eat excellent fish here, of course, but there is also plenty of choice for lovers of something else. Intimate dining or on the terrace, it's all possible. And when you are tired of strolling and watching, head to the beach to dream away about the other side of the world.

Just like the explorers once did in the past.

Viana do Costello is easily accessible via both the National Route, and the Autostrada. The city also has a train station.

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