What can you see and do?

Portuguese say that Portugal was born in this region. So you are on historical grounds! Of the various people who went through this region, it was the Romans who left markings, such as the multiple Roman bridges. There is even a car route around Roman souvenirs. But long before the Romans, the inhabitants already made chalk drawings in the rock formations. Barreiros is a few kilometers from Braga. It is a smaller town in the municipality of Amares and borders the river Cávado, one of the many rivers in this region. There are many stopping places for a picnic along the rivers and you can cycle well.

Barreiros itself is inhabited by a small population, less than 800 people. The facilities are therefore limited, but that is compensated by peace and nature. We enjoy the birds and the beautiful extensive vineyards. Of course there is a church, a chapel, a pub, a few small restaurants where the Portuguese eat, and a small supermarket, a bakery. For everything else, shopping, sports complexes, theater, Braga is the first designated city, but do not underestimate other places in the area. There is of course port and wine for sale, but there is so much more. Be tempted to also visit the historical elements there: there is a lot of UNESCO world heritage in the region. In addition to Braga, we also recommend that you visit Guimerães, Amares, Ponte de Vila and Porto

Sporting activities, each at their own pace, offer countless possibilities. Walking, cycling, canoeing, golf, mini golf, horse riding. The mountains, rivers, sports facilities are at your disposal. Go independently or under supervision: Elly and Gerard can advise you. The activities can also be organized for groups of guests! However, when it is time for a beach visit, you can drive to Esposende in about 25 minutes, where the Cava River meets the Atlantic Ocean.

From Villa branca Barreiros – on request and at the initiative of Elly and Gerard – activities are organized, possibly by bicycle, such as golf in the region, port and wine tastings, vineyard visits, cooking courses, photo courses, painting courses, visiting historic cities, and everyone having fun idea that is put forward.

And then the Douro Valley itself has not yet been mentioned. The green part of Portugal, with endless vineyards, the many Quinta’s, the inviting river, …. You are running out of time, so you will probably return to Barreiros.